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9/25/2022 HIATUS/CHANGES: - Moving out is a serious priority agreed between my parents and I (the sooner the better). - I need to focus 90% to 100% of my time to a job and art commissions. - This site may go offline or undergo serious changes so I can focus my online presence in one specific aspect. - If I can somehow get accepted into affiliate marketing with Pop-Tarts then I'll have to move this site's reviews to an official domain. Thank you all for enjoying my site, once my life is settled I'd love to come back regularly to create more updates! 9/12/2022 Expect more art practice than anything else because I need money. Will open commissions in a considerably short amount of time. Also my birthday is in 2 days yay me. 9/3/2022 Music page exists but there are no active pages yet. 8/31/2022 Poptarts page is open! GDIMP is open! Editted: -Its Purpose 8/24/2022 THE ART GALLERY IS OPEN! OPEN I SAY! Poptarts page is next 8/20/2022 - Fixed the icons but it only works sometimes 8/20/2022 I did it! I created enough art to create the art page! I'm definitely still rusty, so more art studies and sketches are to be expected. But I'm finally able to share what I've made with all of you. 8/6/2022 I will make the art page before the Poptart one, but I thought I would share my draft so you people know I'm not dead. Reminder for myself: - fix pages menu logos 7/18/2022 So I was working on the art gallery but then as I looked through my stuff, I realized I haven't actually drawn in so long that I had the mentality past what my hand was capable of doing. So I'm just studying art theory again because I'm a painter, and I hate the graphic design style I developed for pay. This is my way of saying I'm taking a break from this website until I can paint again. 7/17/2022 - Who am I? page done. It's the 1 month birthday of this site! As requested, I will work on the Art Gallery now. If I need to take a break from it then I'll do the images page because I really want to work from the bottom up :P 7/15/2022 No update yet but I just want to say hello to all the strangers who find this site, I was thinking maybe 1 or 2 people would be reading this but ah I'm glad you all like it! :)) 7/13/2022 - Made home page much nicer to look at. It's finally up to my standards and I will fix up the other pages to look nicer too. When I'm done with that, I'll get to making fun stuff. Here's what it looked like before btw: 7/11/2022 New Stuff: - Contact Me? - Why a Toaster? - Considering improving CSS Added chatbox. I might make the contact me page because people I don't even know are looking at my site and that's freaky. Originally my idea was to make the contact me a "haha of course I'm not letting you talk to me are you insane?" because I got some people that I blocked specifically and it'd be weird if they found their chance to chat again. But whatever I guess it's fine. Maybe some people need closure by reaching out to me, who knows. But the main purpose of that page is for total strangers that somehow found this place to have the chance to ask questions or try to be ac·quaint·ances. I had to look up how to spell that word and I just copy pasted it tbh. 7/10/2022 Gonna make more pages FINALLY! WOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Working on: - Art Gallery - Its Purpose 7/9/2022 ...ok ig i havent done anything for awhile maybe. I've been making art for a collection I'm sharing here. Other than that I've been doing school and looking at dating apps on my phone and thinking to myself "is it worth it?" the answer is no. I don't want to get into the dating scene again for awhile. Which I made an artwork about literally today. Because I fucking hate horny assholes. (correction, I find ONE horny asshole tolerable.) Updates: - I changed the status bar to a featured page so it's easier to see my newest pages. - I changed the scrollbar to be prettier Woo I'm done with boring things! I will make fun pages tomorrow!!! 6/24/2022 Once I finish the status box (which has given me many issues that led me to fix past mistakes) I'll finally be able to work on more pages. I don't want the whole website to have the same layout either, this is just a main way to organize for general things. Updates: - Not Found Page - Finalizing main layout CSS Plans for tomorrow: - Scrollbar - FINISH THE DAMN STATUS BOX! IT'S BEEN DAYS YOU"VE BEEN AVOIDING IT! 6/19/2022 I cant figure out what graphics I want to do where it's poptart and toaster themed but doesn't look like shit. Updates: - More CSS 6/18/2022 I have to remind myself to take breaks and not sit in front of my computer designing this site for hours. This is why I never make cool things because I either starve while working or I just forget to do it at all. Anyways here's what I finished today: - More CSS (I don't even like the color blue that much but it does look nicer) 6/17/2022 Came up with the idea of this site. Someone said they wanted to see it too, so I may as well. Pages Added: - Toaster - Plans/Updates - Oversharing

Goals: + Music page is next: +   Trip Hop +   Shoegaze +   Nujabes + Hold a small creature, very lovingly

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