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Wallace - 19 - Man - Uni Student - USA


Cherry Poptarts - Oyasumi Punpun - Machine Girl

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Virgo - ENTP - 7w8 (SO PLEASE DON'T ASK)

o toki tawa mi kepeken toki pona! mi sona toki pona mute. Entiendo un poco español. Quiero aprender más. When I was 11, there was a DIY hat party in my 5th grade class for the last days of school. I wasn’t exactly the best at crafts, so the morning before, I grabbed something special from my family’s sparsely filled pantry. I walked into that class wearing an empty Poptart box on my head. I don’t understand what sparks went off in my brain for this to be what I decided would make me win the hat contest. Obviously, I did not win. But I’m guessing some Poptart crumbs entered my brain from my head pores, and since then I’ve had an obsession with Poptarts. I literally eat a Poptart once a day, I don’t feel complete unless I know for a fact there is at least one box of Poptarts in my possession. Back when I was in middle school, I was so obsessed I hid a stash of boxes in my closet so I could tell my parents we ran out and needed to buy more. It’s kind of funny, no one could ever expect something like that from me because I was a pretty scrawny kid. I’m still a bit of a lanky guy. I just remembered that I wrote a letter to my future self and I asked if the older me still liked Poptarts. God, if only the younger me could see that I’m writing a Poptart homage on this site.