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Well, there's two main purposes for this site.

  1. I love talking so much. I love sharing personal projects, or random mundane things that happen in my life or actually cool things I come across in life. Yet, I am a sensibile person that realizes that no one really has the time to listen to me 24/7. So, I'll make a space where I can talk to myself! I am an intellectual prodigy, I know, I know. What an incredible solution to such an important problem of our time.
  2. More seriously, my entire life I had a debilitating paranoia that literally fucked up my ability to be a person. Now that I'm better, I want to create a place where I can express parts of myself I never really felt safe sharing. I'm really happy that I've lived to the point where I can do something like this! It's really fun to do this, and I hope everyone that visits this site learns something from it. Whether it's my unfortunate maturation into a dumbass, or something new to like, or art inspiration, or a bajillion million gazillion other possiblities. Just make sure you enjoy yourself here.

My plans for this site are pretty big as well. Even if only 2 or 3 people come to read any of this, I'd still be pretty proud of the way I was even able to make one page. Maybe when I'm in my 40s I'll have the chance to look back on this. Especially since uh, most things I've made in the past 18 years of my life were either ripped apart or sold. It's unfortunate but that's what paranoia does to you. Anyways, thank you for your curiosity about this site. I appreciate you very much. Signed, Poptartbox, aka Poppytart, aka Weedle Man, aka Wallace

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Written July 2022